Mt Bookworm
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Calling all Bibliophiliacs!!! ----> ("Book Lovers")

We have heaps of books, music, movies, and other cool things to look at and buy.

Our stock is preloved and is always changing, depending on what is available at the time.

All effort is made to make sure that our stock is clean and in good condition

before finding a home in our shop, and eventually in your home.

We are always looking for cool and interesting stuff to fill our shelves, so any suggestions or ideas are always welcome.

Feel free to use the contact section of this website to send us an email.

Especially if you are looking for that special item you want us to keep an eye out for.

We have $1.00 book sales, a $3.00 bin full of cds and dvds, and sometimes even have a 'free' bin.



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